Eteaket leaf teas

Here at eteaket our aim is to make others as passionate about great tea as we are. With a fascinating spectrum of tea from around the world, the UK tea was still a prisoner in its own tea bag. We always had a love for a good cuppa but it was discovering the astonishing world of loose leaf tea that really captured our imaginations, exciting us with its possibilities.

Our journey has taken us on our own tea pilgrimage to China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan in search of the best leaves. Since then we have continued to grow. We’re now members of the Ethical Tea Partnership since 2015, ethically sourcing our exceptional loose leaf teas. Our Cuppas for Causes scheme also makes sure that our customers are getting more than just a cup of tea with us. We work with local charities as well as overseas initiatives.

With a full range of tried and tested accessories for loose leaf, leaf teabags, as well as a range of teas for foodservice and retail.

Serve our teas:
• 100 leaf tea bags (top 10 teas)
• 1kg loose leaf
• 250g loose leaf

Retail our teas:
• Retail Loose Leaf Caddies (case of 6)
• Retail Leaf Teabag Cartons (case of 6)

Our after sales service can offer help and guidance on serving our teas, getting innovative recipes whether it’s Iced Teas or Tea Lattes and we also give access to all of our online training on our website, helping you discover great tasting tea from tea innovators.

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or call 0131 226 1292