Promac Espresso

Caber Coffee aims to provide uncompromising quality and service to every single one of its clients regardless of constraints set by space, budget, or the competence of the baristas. 

Promac, part of the Rancilio group, was established in 1982 to provide high quality espresso machines, based on proven technology, at a very competitive price. Promac is an abbreviation of PROfessional MAChines.

For the UK market we import both the tall-cup Promac P161 and Green Compact ME models. These specification of machines is un-matched at the price points. The P161 features a large capacity 11 litre boiler, 4.3kW heating element, two steam wands, one hot water draw-off and superbly robust build quality are all standard. The Compact machine has a large boiler for its class, too, two steam wands, hot water draw off and the same quality construction.

The results are reliable espresso performance, fantactic extraction and high capacity capability at a comparable price point with, what we'd traditionally refer to as, budget equipment.

Caber Coffee installs all machines and provides complete on-site training conducted by a member of their team.  As well as imparting a lot of the knowledge they have gained over their 25 years experience, Caber will leave you with all the barista tools to make the perfect coffee including milk thermometer, foaming jug and espresso shot glass.  Click for more information on our barista training services.

You can click onto Promac's website HERE.

  • Promac Compact ME

    There really isn't anything to compete with a Promac Compact at this price point. A great fully-specified 2-group machine that's ideal for smaller spaces and lower daily drink volumes.

    A 5 litre …

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  • Promac P161 Tall Cup

    There really isn't anything to compete with a Promac P161 at this price point.

    A big boiler, powerful element, heavy-duty and robust build quality, two wonderful steam wands (yes wonderful, try them …

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