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Sanremo launch the much-anticipated Zoe tall cup machine!

Published on: May 6, 2016

We’ve been waiting for this machine for a long time! SanRemo have just announced that the stunning Zoe machine will be available to order now in tall-cup format. The UK market is huge for tall cup machines primarily as we serve so many of our take-away coffees in large 12 or 16floz cup sizes and having tall cup capability on the machine means these cups easily fit under the group heads.

We’ve loved the Zoe since it was launched. The style, choice of funky colour combinations, ease of use, quality of the components and typically robust SanRemo build quality are just many of the reasons to choose a Zoe.

The first machines are leaving the factory now with 20amp power as standard. Why not ask us about our exclusive launch package on Zoe and order yours today!