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Office coffee just got easier... and better!

Published on: Jun 5, 2019

At Caber we’ve been helping office customers, as well as cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars for over 30 years. Over the last three decades the demands for a decent coffee in the workplace have changed even more than the catering sector has. So, in the last 30 years what do we know for certain? 

Well, firstly, the value of a great coffee in the workplace has never been higher. With the choice on the high-street many staff may want to pop out to grab their regular cup of Joe, but it’s also costing them a good few pounds every time! Not only that but they’re not in the office while they’re out buying their brew. A business loses their productivity every time they need their fix (and remember, recent research says that you can have 25 cups of coffee each day without anything but positive effects on your health) so, aside from the financial cost to the team member, what is the cost to the business? 

Secondly, while we founded our business on filter coffee, these days we all have our favourite drink bit it a latte, cappuccino, americano, flat white and so on. No matter how fancy your filter coffee there will be those that want their speciality drinks! Some even want flavours like gingerbread, hazelnut, salted caramel and more! 

Finally, and most importantly, we know that not all offices can afford the time to clean a fresh-milk machine every day. Powdered milk is much nicer than you may imagine it to be, but the real advantages come from the reduced requirement to clean the machines, and this is a huge bonuses for some working environments. 

Bravilor have recently launched their SEGO machine; A proper bean to cup machine with an innovative and award-winning brewer for a fantastic base espresso (especially when combined with some of our stunning espresso bean blends) and two powdered ingredient cannisters – one for milk and one for chocolate. Using our experience and our range of quality ingredients we deliver you a very good value coffee in a package that won’t have you cleaning it every couple of hours! 

So, a great coffee for the team in the office from as little as 9p per cup. A machine that’s cool to look at, easy to operate with the bright, attractive touch screen, a machine that’s easy to clean and look after plus delivers a range of drinks from espresso, through latte to hot chocolate and water for tea! Oh, and best of all, you don’t even have to have a plumbing connection as the SEGO can be specified with it’s very own water pump to run off a water container! 

Our demo machine is available to try in your business today. Download the SEGO brochure or Contact Us to request your personalised quotation.