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Bravilor Esprecious

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The NEW Bravilor Esprecious is a very clever, efficient and beautiful machine designed with one thing in mind – delivering exceptional coffee with minimal fuss.

The machine is available in a number of configurations but we wholly recommend the Esprecious 12 which features one grinder and hoppers for both powdered milk and powdered chocolate.

This allows us to deliver a wide range of drinks including espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate as well as hot water for tea. Thanks to a very clever brewing unit we can deliver the quality of espresso you’d find in a top notch high-street cafe while still ensuring that our other drinks are delivered quickly and efficiently.

The touch screen (reminiscent of the latest smart-phones) can be completely customised while also displaying the routine cleaning instructions that feature useful pictures to assist you. It makes life very easy indeed! This machine is the unit your office has been waiting for.

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