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When it comes to a quality product, especially one that is enjoyed in so many ways and on such a scale as premium coffee, the ease of serving and packaging is almost as important as the drink itself.

Cups and Stirrers

How you present your coffee says a lot about your business and tells the customer what to expect before they even take their first sip... the attention is in the detail.

Our range of related items which all add to the overall coffee experience includes:

  • Disposable cups: Extra insulated with a drip proof lid to keep your drink hot as you sip
  • Stirrers: Durable wooden stirrers
  • Milk portions: An alternative to whitener with an equally long shelf life, available in whole milk or semi-skimmed varieties.
  • Sugar portions: Brown or white sugar sachets from prominent names in styles and designs you can personalise
  • Sweetener: Give your customers a low-calorie option with sticks from Candarel or Sweetex
  • Flavoured Syrups: Sweetbird syrups are a novel way to transform your drinks and taste great in coffee, Iced Tea and sparkling water.