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100% Arabica


Dark Roast. Roasted on a traditional Probat drum roaster.

Case size:

8 x 1kg

Espresso Fino

Blend Notes:

100% Rainforest Alliance certified and sourced from single estates and small farms with a direct, long term relationship. Each farm and family is committed to both quality coffee and a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach (including shade grown coffee, protection of water resources, natural habitats, wildlife corridors and providing housing and sanitation to farm employees.)

Tasting Notes:

Darker roasted to deliver a good depth of flavour through milk, this is a very consistent and high quality coffee delivering a rich, chocolaty espresso and great in milk for cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. Suited to both traditional and automatic bean to cup espresso machines.


  • 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified

Farm Data:

  • Brazil Daterra
    "Pulped Natural". 100% Arabica, owned by Luis Noberto Pascoal and Family.
  • El Salvador Menendez Estates
    "Washed". 100% Arabica, owned by Miguel Menendez and Family.
  • Guatemala FEDECOCAGUA
    "Fully Washed". 100% Arabica, from a group of farmers in the FEDECOCAGUA co-operative.