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You can, of course, serve Lavazza from our existing range of traditional espresso, bean to cup, freshbrew and filter machines but the Blue range of capsule machines are affordable and offer exceptional coffee consistency. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the Italian way of life with every coffee!

The Easy Milk espresso machine delivers incredible visual presence, doesn’t need an expensive grinder and, as it’s pre-calibrated for the perfect espresso doses and cappuccino and latte milk temperatures all at the touch of a button, it couldn’t be easier to use, demonstrate the “theatre” of coffee making and deliver the perfect drink without the need for in-depth Barista knowledge! Available as a 1 or 2-group our quote includes delivery, installation and a starter pack of Gold Selection or Tierra capsules.

Other capsule machines from the Blue range are perfect for home, smaller offices, showrooms, hotel suite bedrooms, bars and so on. Low cost, reliable, and delivering fantastic espresso. They are quality coffee, made simple

Lavazza Blue (2600 MENA)
Lavazza Blue (2317 UK 230v)
Lavazza Blue (CLASSY COMPACT 220-240v)
Milk Refrigerator Unit (4 Lt 230v - 00018200093)