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Marco Shuttle

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The Marco Shuttle brewer is a compact machine that packs a big punch.  

Caber recommends it for medium to high volume sites where it has proved to be a hit, especially amongst the hotel, restaurant and canteen industries where demand is on the quality of the coffee as well as the speed with which a desired or specific volume can be brewed.

This machine has a 5.5L capacity allowing for variable batch volumes and is able to produce almost 200 cups of coffee per hour.  The coffee is dispensed directly into the removable urn which can then be transported anywhere you wish.  The coffee inside will stay hot for hours thanks to the urn being fully insulated but won't stew as there is no direct heat source!

Being constructed in stainless steel, this machine has a modern, contemporary look to it meaning it is at home in even the most prestigious of location.  The pulse brew and pre-infusion options add to the machine's ease of operation and make serving exceptional tasting coffee a delight.