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Arabica / Robusta


Medium to Dark Roast. Roasted on a traditional Probat drum roaster.


6 x 1kg

Msaada Espresso


Like many other East African countries, Tanzania has been producing coffee for some time. The North is well known for Robusta and commodity grade coffees.


This is a balanced blend giving a smooth, full body with notes of dark chocolate in the grounds and a malt-like aroma during the brew, which transfers into the cup. Fragrance of fresh butter and a mellow sweetness ensure a satisfying cup with low tactile acidity and a rounded mouthfeel. If brewed as a single espresso with 8g of freshly ground coffee, a creamy mouth feel with slightly nutty and dried fruit aromas will be present, a mellow sweet aftertaste will linger on the palate ensuring you remember this luxurious in-cup experience.