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Sanremo Zoe / Zoe Vision

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The 2-group tall cup version (that theoretically replaces the wonderful Amalfi) is our best seller, and no surprise there. A hugely practical and versatile machine that's as visually appealing as it is well made.

Style, quality and an unbelievable range of options - 1 group, 2 group compact, standard 2-group, tall-cup 2-group, standard 3-group... black chassis, white chassis, red/black/yellow/violet panels... The Zoe can be as cool and as funky as you like, or classy and subtle, too! 

The Zoe still offers all the usual SanRemo hallmarks of great style, impeccable build quality, the highest quality components and total ease of use.

Available as a 1, 2 or 3-group machine with standard groups, the Zoe is ideal for modern restaurants and bars. All versions provide ample power for production of steam and hot water plus you have the choice of colour coordinating the finish of your machine with your decor thanks to the huge range of stylish colour combinations. Ask us for images of some of the various colour combinations we've ordered for customers - some of which are on our Facebook Page!