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Welcome to Caber’s Bitesize Barista Tips! The videos below cover the absolute basics for using an espresso machine to help you make great coffee. From explaining the equipment, through drink building to daily cleaning, following these tips will help you and your team get the best from our incredible range of beans.

Bitesize Barista Tips

Whether you’re asking a new team member to view these short barista tutorials to give them a foundation understanding, or you’re viewing them to refresh your own knowledge, please do bear in mind that these are purely basic essential skills, tips and knowledge. Our normal basic Barista class lasts around 3 hours! If you have a passion to learn more then please contact us for one-on-one or group Barista training at The Caber Coffee School.

Episode 1 - Story of Coffee

Episode 2 - Equipment

Episode 3 - Espresso

Episode 4 - Milk

Episode 5 - Drink Building

Episode 6 - Cleaning

This series of videos was filmed in the Summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and were planned to offer our customers a means of delivering basic Barista training when it was impossible due to restrictions in place at the time.