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SanRemo F18SB

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Having an outlandish looking machine is all very well, but if it’s too complicated inside or, if it’s not built to handle the demands of busy sites, then it could be seen as a bit of a let-down, that beauty really is only skin deep. Then there’s the F18SB.

This is technology that’s proven wrapped up in a stunning looking package – and it’s technology that has been refined by SanRemo to give us consistency like we can get from a multi-boiler machine but with the simplicity and reliability of a single boiler. So now you can enjoy owning a real masterpiece of design but you don’t have to fret about it being fragile, or not up to the task at hand, or that it’ll be hugely expensive to maintain. The F18 SB even has familiar looking buttons for single and double shots, it has crystal-clear shot times and it’s designed to save you up to 20% on energy costs compared to a traditional single boiler espresso machine.