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Bravilor Bolero 11 & 12

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These two similar machines are recommended for low to medium volume sites with a location for a water connection.

The Bolero 11 and Bolero 12 are equally capable and fitted with one and two canisters respectively...hence the names.

Each has a separate hot water tap should tea be required and is equipped with many convenient features including digital controls, an easy to clean plastic drip tray with capacity indicator, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme.

When coupled with stylish colour options, the clear menu and LED lighting add that je ne sais quoi to these machines which also incorporate 'total' and 'day' beverage counters.

A unique mixing unit ensures good ingredient flow in the 11 seconds it takes to brew any one of your chosen drinks and the energy saving mode on top of an existing A+  rating make the Bolero machines great, all round value. Bolero 1 is the perfect hot chocolate machine, with optional chocolate enhanced branding to add to its warming appeal. Bolero 2 offers the choice of coffee and cappuccino or coffee and hot chocolate.