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60% Arabica 40% Robusta


Dark Roast. Roasted on a traditional Probat drum roaster.

Case size:

8 x 1kg

Ethyco Fairtrade Espresso

Tasting Notes:

Our ETHYCO Espresso is designed to provide exceptional milk based drinks, especially cappuccinos and lattes. This is a really flavoursome coffee that will suit a wide range of tastes and perfect for any outlet that wants a really good cup of coffee and a guarantee of fair trading. With a rich crema, big body and coating mouth-feel, it develops into a bittersweet chocolate character in milk.


100% Fairtrade certified

Farm Data:

  • Brazil Cooxupe
    “Dry Natural”. 100% Arabica. From small-holder producers in the Cooxupe co-operative.

  • Peru Sol y Cafe
    “Fully Washed”. 100% Arabica. From small-holder producers in the Sol y Cafe co-operative.

  • Tanzania KCU
    “Dry Natural”. 100% Robusta. From a group of farmers in the KCU co-operative.


Sourced from small-holder co-operatives in Brazil, Peru and Tanzania, each of the coffees is Fairtrade certified (guaranteeing a fair price to the farmer and Fairtrade premium for re-investment). The use of Brazil Arabica and Tanzania Robusta ensures a very smooth, low acidity espresso.