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As coffee machine and speciality coffee suppliers, it is our job to stay at the forefront of beverage technology and new products so that we are always able to give you the best advice and support when choosing café supplies.

Whatever your requirements from a coffee machine or product may be, Caber Coffee has exactly the right equipment and selection of coffee, teas and drinks to suit you, your customers and your budget.

On Choosing a Coffee Machine

Having spent 30 years around all things coffee related we have seen our fair share of coffee machines. To give you the best choice we have personally selected each of our featured coffee machines for specific purposes and will match your needs to exactly the right machine.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new machine, upgrading your existing coffee machine or think that you could make your current drinks dispenser work more profitably and efficiently for you then you need to talk to a member of our team. We can arrange to come to your premises to see exactly what you require from a commercial coffee machine and speciality coffee supplier.

On Choosing Speciality Coffee

We have been speciality coffee suppliers for over 30 years and know that when it comes to choosing the right roast the decision must be made on taste and taste alone. That is exactly how we selected our own label blends and single-origin espresso coffees and therefore why we recommend that you sample each one in order to determine which bean has all the right qualities to match your requirements and chosen machine.

Once we have established your coffee objectives we will select a number of options for you to try and then with a knowledgeable and experienced member of the Caber Coffee team there to talk you through each unique aroma and flavour, we will encourage you to taste and ask questions so you can be sure you are making the right choice.

These tasting sessions will be carried out at your site to give you a real feel for the drink in its surroundings and to appreciate what each individual blend or single-origin espresso coffee can offer its drinker therefore helping you create the perfect atmosphere for your customers to come and sit and enjoy a classic cup of coffee.