Coffee is not just black and white; you need to know how to treat it to get the very best from it and when you do, like we do, it opens up a whole world of coffee drinking options. Some of the very best coffee in the world is grown under the Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance schemes, which are just two of our chosen brands. Caber Coffee wants only the very best for our customers so are happy to say that we work in cooperation with these schemes supporting them and bringing you more than just flavoursome speciality coffee.

  • Coffee Beans

    These are at the very heart of a great coffee but it is the type of bean and how they are grown and roasted that helps determine the taste of the finished product. Caber mainly uses varying …

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  • Bulk Ground

    From the heart of the southern hemisphere comes these easy drinking blends ideal for use with bulk brew machines. These economical bags are a great value way to enjoy the freshly roasted aroma and …

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  • Ground Sachet Coffee

    We are very proud of these products and justifiably so as our versatile filter coffee sachets are accredited under the Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance schemes. Once the beans have been …

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