A new look for Caber Coffee!

I'm never normally late to the party. I've always felt that good timekeeping is essential quality, it helps ensure that those people you meet are immediately aware of your commitment to dealing with them in a professional, honest and efficient manner.

I'll freely admit, however, that, on Caber's behalf, I'm rather late to this whole exercise in Blogging. Hopefully the pearls of wisdom and idle observations you'll read here will entertain as much as they inform, just please accept my humblest apologies for not blogging sooner!

Let's start with the most significant reason that I find myself writing my thoughts for you today. Our new-look website! Impressive stuff isn't it? Thanks go to Escrivo, tbp and Debut Marketing who have all had input in one way or another. Any feedback is welcomed.

Our new website ushers in our new corporate appearance, too. It has been a long time coming and marks a departure from a font we've used from day one as well as our stylised cup that has been a recognisable feature of Caber's identity for over a decade. It was time for a change, we love the look and hope you do, too! Everyone always refers to me as "The Coffee Guy" when I'm on site or calling customers and, with the new emphasis on "Caber" we're following your line of abbreviating our name. I think the character reflects on the service we deliver our customers as well as the professional, but friendly, manner in which the whole Caber team go about their work. There are still subtle hints back to our old look – the colours, the coffee cup with the three wafts of steam rising and, of course, the bean in his bonnet!

So why, Findlay, are you having such a huge revamp now?

The answer is simple. 2013 marks 25 years since Caber Coffee was founded and what better way to celebrate this significant milestone than a new logo. We'll be running some fantastic offers throughout the year to reward our loyal customers as well as welcoming new customers to the fold!

So we've got 25 years of trading history, loyal and dedicated staff, an unparalleled reputation for customer service and, most importantly, you're dealing with and honest and genuine company: No contracts, no pressure selling just great quality products, exceptional machines, value for money and all delivered with a smile by people who genuinely care and value each and every customer.

I'll be trying to blog as regularly as possible. Whether it be about espresso and coffee machines, trade events, coffee I've tried, service I've experienced or just the goings-on at Caber HQ I hope that you'll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

In the meantime don't forget to follow us on Twitter @Cabercoffee and @EthycoCoffee as well as tracking us down and Liking us on Facebook.

We've been delivering the taste for 25 years. Here's to the next 25!

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