Enjoying delicious Caber Coffee at home

We’re often asked if we sell our coffee to individuals, and of course we can! You can pop into the office to collect your favourite coffee or give us a call and order over the phone. We send our coffee nationwide!

Whether you’ve enjoyed a delicious coffee with one of our customers or just want to try some of our exceptional coffees for yourself there are loads of ways that you can upgrade your coffee making at home. Here’s a few ideas!

Bean to cup –This isn’t the cheapest way to make coffee (starting at around £400) but there are some brilliant domestic bean to cup machines on the market now. We buy Jura commercial machines and, in fact, I use a little Jura Ena Mico one machine at home… and I love it! The range of Jura machines is here and we can supply all of them at competitive prices. Jura are, by a long way, leaders in quality of bean to cup coffee equipment at home.

Aeropress – Made by the same people that brought you the Aerobie flying ring toy the Aeropress has been hailed as the best coffee maker ever made. Again, I have one at home and aside from it being just a little on the fiddly side to use, it does an exceptional job of protecting some of the delicate flavours of our coffees. Think of the coffee that it makes as an espresso without crema and you’re not far wrong. Available from us for £24.99 inc VAT they represent amazing value for money!

Chemex – These are beautiful items of art in their own right. There are a great deal of videos of tips and advice on using chemex but all point to the kit you need being more than just a kettle, a chemex and some filter papers. Granted, you can make chemex coffee as simply as, say, a Hario drip (link to embed: ) (which, in itself, is essentially just filter coffee made by the cup!). I’m a big fan of the Hario drip (again, I’ve got a Hario V60 01 ceramic drip at home) but to get the absolute best from these ground coffee brewers, including the Aeropress, you ideally need a home grinder!

I know you can have your choice of capsule machines. Whether it’s a Tassimo, Nespresso, Krupps or similar, there’s masses of choice. As you’ve maybe already guess from all the options I have at home for making coffee, I’m a bit of a geek. If you think of specialist coffee as being much like malt whisky then all of these capsules are, at best, blended whisky. I’d much rather enjoy the best I can and all of these options ensure you make a simply delicious coffee at home.