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Going for green

Published on: Feb 4, 2018

Some time ago we wrote about the UK’s use of paper cups hitting the headlines. Well, the news is coming back round again and many of you will have heard of the “latte levy”. In case you haven’t heard of it then the Government’s plan it to impose a single-use tax to each paper cup we use, much like the plastic bag charge (although how this is to be managed is yet to be confirmed).

Back when we first wrote about this we were proud that, in the preceding years, we’d dropped all polystyrene cup lines and had already introduced our ETHYCO branded cups which were fully compostable (including the lids). In an ever changing market we’re constantly working with our suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and to drive on to be more and more environmentally friendly!

Well, now we’re here to clearly state that our intention is to de-list all non-compostable paper cups and single-use disposables (stirrers, napkins, cups, clutches, lids, spoons etc) by the end of 2018. We will also drive to ensure that, where possible, each and every end user (that’s take-away coffee drinker in simple terms) is given the option to buy a re-usable cup. We will offer marketing support and ideas to our customers who want to support this environmental stance.

We’re well aware that the take-away market is a bit of an issue when it comes to disposal of the empty cup. We know that, as a café owner, once that customer leaves your premises with their compostable cup in hand, it’s entirely likely that, unless the customer is particularly savvy or well informed, the used cup ends up in general waste. Well, hopefully, with our pledge, we can begin to change the psyche of the consumer and the natural stance will be to dispose of their cup along with food waste (yes, Keenan Recycling  can process and compost compostable cups & lids) rather than dispose of it in landfill waste. We have a very long way to go but we’ve seen a shift-change in plastic carrier bag use, why not cups, too?

So, meantime, if you’re passionate about reducing our landfill waste get yourself onto Google and check out Vegware, Bioware, Ecoffee cups and many more options. Ask our team about the compostable options we already stock, we can even supply samples. Keep your eyes peeled here, too. Change is coming, and we want to be a part of it!