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Hannah on Work Placement

Published on: Dec 5, 2017

Hello! My name is Hannah and I am in my third year of studying Management with Marketing at Robert Gordon University. As part of my degree I have the opportunity to take on a yearlong placement and that is what I am doing here, at Caber Coffee! I’m hoping this will allow me to put the theory I have learned from university so far into practice in the workplace…and I get to skip the exams and lectures for a year which is a bonus!

In my first month here, I set up an Instagram account for the company to connect with our customers, suppliers, local businesses and anyone who loves our coffee! We are already active on other social media including Facebook and Twitter but it has been exciting to have people engaging with Caber Coffee’s posts on a new platform. It has also been incredible to see pictures of our coffee that people have enjoyed with one of our great customers or the amazing time they have had at a barista training session in the Caber Coffee School. So, if you’re not already following, you can find us here!

During my time here so far, I’ve been learning a number of new things - and drinking LOTS of coffee in the process! All the coffee drinking has actually had me experimenting with non-dairy milk alternatives to use in drinks. But, what would seem like such a simple task has in fact proved quite difficult (another blog post on that later, maybe?). Despite there being plenty of options available, I have found that some just don’t work at all for use in hot drinks. But, I may have found the answer in Oatly’s Barista Edition oat milk! One of the things I have enjoyed most so far has been working on some mini creative video projects using coffee beans that will hopefully make an appearance very soon.  This has allowed me to try something I’ve never done before and seeing the end result is always very rewarding. Cleaning up all the beans that had been spilled wasn’t so fun though…