HOT coffee sales figures when the heat is on!

I'm sure you're enjoying this mini heat-wave as much as I am (although I hope that, unlike me, you've remembered to use suncream when you've been outside - ouch)! This is our best summer in years; the sun is out and the mercury is rising, brilliant! The last thing I want, however, is to hear anyone complaining about the heat - whether you're not used to it or whether you feel it has an impact on your sales! 

In the catering trade we're only too aware of the healthy margins there are to be made from your coffee sales. As the weather warms up the general opinion is that coffee sales suffer as a result... And it doesn't have to be this way! 

OK, let's be realistic here, hot drink sales are always likely to feel a slump in demand as we wilt in the warmth. But, by using a little creativity retailers can maintain sales figures (and, importantly, margin) and footfall through your doors. Here's a few ideas to keep your customers cool during the summer! 

Frappe - An increasingly popular drink that is based on blended ice, milk and frappe powder with the option of adding in a REAL espresso shot for your daily caffeine fix! We stock Frappe mix from Zuma drinks including vanilla and caramel flavours! 

Cold Brewed Coffee - This is really simple. Kits are available from and basically involve extracting ground coffee in a large container filled with cold water. Making an iced latte is then simplicity itself; ice, milk and a shot of your cold brewed coffee on top. Your coffee will taste slightly different if brewed this way as the cold extraction seems to avoid the bitterness than can be caused by drawing too long a pour through your traditional espresso machine. Bear in mind that extraction takes hours, not seconds! 

Iced Tea - Again this is so easy to make and costs pennies! Fill a large pan with water, bring to the boil and turn off the heat. Add in a few quality teabags (we'd recommend Clipper Everyday tea that we sell in 1100s) and brew to strength as normal, sweeten slightly then allow to cool. Serve over ice with a shot or two of Sweetbird Syrup in a tall glass over ice. You could even add a slice of fresh lemon, peach, strawberry... or a sprig of mint! I think fruit flavours work best but be adventurous! 

These are just a few simple ways that maintain your customers' interest, boost sales and keep people away from the fridge full of low-margin bottled soft drinks! Our customers are more than welcome to call us for advice and we can even supply clear plastic cups with domed lids and the heavy duty blenders required for breaking down your ice cubes for frappes and smoothies. Enjoy your profitable summer! 

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