Paper cup waste in the news!

Published on: Apr 8, 2016

Many of you will have seen Celebrity Chef Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall in the news recently highlighting the issue of the (estimated) 25million paper cups we send to landfill.

This is an issue we’ve long been aware of and have endeavoured to help address in any way we can.

Many years ago we dropped polystyrene cups from our catalogue much to the surprise of some customer at the time. Now we feel the time is right to mention that we have a range of alternative paper cups that do not need expensive recycling, but can be added to your food waste and composted. Over 5 years ago we launched our ETHYCO range with a branded 100% compostable paper cup!

If you’d like to know more about our range of 100% compostable/biodegradable paper cups and lids then get in touch. We have a range of single wall and double wall cups in a range extending from 4floz espresso shot cups through to 20floz giants! All our cups are available with bio-plastic sip-through lids. We can also order your own branded compostable double wall cups in quantities as small as 5000s! Why don’t you even think about ordering your own brand of reusable plastic take-away cups, sell them to your customers and offer them a discount every time they come back for a coffee?

It won’t solve the issue of cup waste overnight but you can maybe join us in doing your little bit towards making a change in consumer behaviour!