Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000) (PSSR)

Published on: May 20, 2016

It would appear that talking about the Health & Safety issues of espresso machines is worthwhile mentioning again thanks to this article in the Press & Journal 11/5/2016. In the article it states that “Aberdeenshire Council’s health and safety team have announced their top priorities for the coming months, which include top-of-the range barista machines…”

PSSR strands for Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000).

Firstly, don’t panic. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Here’s my thoughts in plain English. If you want the full chapter & verse then click here for the Government guidelines on PSSR inspections and Written Schemes of Examination:

There are hundreds of types of coffee machine out there and not all the H&S officers necessarily know what does and doesn’t require a safety inspection so, if you know that you have a Franke Flair, Franke Saphira or any model of Jura bean to cup machine this doesn’t apply to you – none of these machines hold steam, in reserve, under pressure. You don’t need to do anything! You can go and carry on looking at Facebook…

However, if you have an espresso machine, or even a high capacity bean to cup machine, there is a strong likelihood that you do need a boiler inspection carried out. This is because your machine has, inside it, a pressure vessel designed (with safety features) to hold a given pressure of steam under pressure, it’s how we heat your milk for those delicious cappuccinos and lattes you make. A PSSR inspection basically ensures that there are no flaws or damage to the pressure vessel and that the appropriate safety features work as they should. Simple.

We can help you. While you’ll need a representative from your insurer (deemed the “competent person” in the legislation) to carry out the boiler inspection, you’ll also need an engineer to dismantle and rebuild the machine for the inspector. Your FIRST port of call, if you don’t have a PSSR inspection certificate for your machine, is to your insurers. Book a visit from the inspector then call us to book our engineer. We turn up with all the parts we need and BEFORE the inspector to minimise your down time. Be prepared to have a few weeks wait for your inspector’s booking, though. There are a LOT of pressure systems that they need to inspect (think air systems in dentists, hydraulics, steam, etc etc), and a relatively small number of inspectors to look after them! You’ll also need to think about when you can afford to be without your machine for approx. 3-hours.

The majority of our customers carry out these annual inspections with their insurers and they run without a hitch. We have heard customers complain that their insurers don’t understand what they’re asking for, if that’s the case, change your insurance company! PSSR inspections are required by law and, without a certificate, in the statistically improbable event that the boiler on your machine fails, your insurers wouldn’t offer any support for any claims without knowing that the machine was properly serviced and inspected.

So, aside from the fact that Health & Safety inspectors should be routinely asking for evidence of inspections being carried out (rather than being tasked to look out for them specifically), we’re here to help you, our valued customer. Give us a call as soon as you’ve booked your inspection date & time. Don’t panic, we’ve got this covered, leave it to us and we’ll have you organised in no time!

Finally, if you’re still not sure whether or not your machine needs the PSSR inspection done feel free to call us and ask.