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The Caber Coffee school

Published on: Feb 23, 2016

The trial and tribulations of being at the cutting edge of coffee...

Back in early 2015 we began working with Tinto Architecture on a huge redevelopment of our Holburn Street facility with the intention of cementing Caber Coffee as THE go-to coffee specialist for the North of Scotland. The plan was simple; expand, make efficient use of space and, most importantly, bring us bang up-to-date again.

We moved to Holburn Street in 1991 and, being honest, much of the facility here was showing signs of 25 years hard use. It was time for a massive overhaul.

My biggest consideration was the change in demands of our customers over the years. Gone was the time where a small work bench could allow an engineer to swap bits on an old machine, we needed a state-of-the-art facility that could provide us with the ability to prepare, service and maintain complicated and intricate coffee machines. But, more than that, the need was to build a coffee school, a place where our customers can come and see the latest machines in a comfortable, purpose built environment. A place where we can show anyone who is interested how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Tinto and Buildright Shopfitters have delivered this for us. It’s seriously impressive.

Using the latest machines from SanRemo we can take your staff to a level where they can practise their new skills to give YOUR business a point of difference. We train your staff to make your coffee remarkable. You wouldn’t be happy having an untrained chef in the kitchen so why be happy with untrained staff front-of-house? Our training is cost effective and skills orientated. Practical learning. Great for their CV, great for your business. Delivering you better sales and a more substantial bottom line.

So why the trials and tribulations of being at the cutting edge of coffee? Well, I’ll tell you, here, at the Scotland’s newest Barista Training facility, the Caber Coffee School. We’ll laugh, I might cry, but one thing is guaranteed, you’ll be enjoying the best coffee you’ve ever tasted while I recount my stories.