The importance of quality office coffee!

This morning I queued diligently outside the local primary school to register my daughter for playgroup. Why is this important, you may ask? Well it's not, it's almost irrelvant, actually, other than the fact it led me to have a conversation with the gentleman beside me which, when he asked my line of work, obviously turned to coffee! 

The gentleman in question had worked in many locations across the globe; London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, India and New Zealand. He now works in the local office of a multi-national, and one which just so happens to be a customer of ours! Not only that, he commented on visiting another local office of another multi-national (also a customer of ours), a site that he was truly impressed by that he was delighted with the coffee (which is, in his words was remarkable!). 

When I first told him about Caber Coffee his immediate reaction rang true: "Coffee in the office!" he said, "the MOST important job of the day is getting the coffee made first thing in the morning!" And he has a great point! 

Granted, in our office we're rather spoiled! We can choose between the latest bean-to-cup machine, delicious filter coffee or even a stunning traditional espresso machine! This is rather missing the point, though. Not only should your office coffee machine provide a great cup of coffee however it is made, but it needs to be easy to use, easy to clean and cost effective! 

We have a brilliant range of office coffee machines for you to choose from whether your office has 5 or 500 staff to supply. But the point of this blog is to get you thinking about the office coffee revolution: Save your business time and money while improving staff morale and retention!

It's true, a great cup of coffee available in your office can do all of these things! 

Save time and money, really? OK, how? I'm going to ask you some questions that you have the answers to, not me! Do you have a kettle in your office? If so you've got the hot water equivalent of thew water cooler syndrome, a place for staff to gather and loiter and not necessarily talk about business! How long does it take for the kettle to boil? Does the member of staff who boiled the kettle return to their desk to work while waiting for it? Do they have to spend extra time making a hot drink for several of their colleagues? Do they fill the kettle every time they want a hot drink? Are they wasing energy heating too much water at any given time? Who buys the coffee and teabags? Who supplies the milk? If the company supplies cartons of milk is this solely for use in hot drinks or do you allow staff to use it in cereal for breakfast? Does it cost staff time to go to the supermarket or cash & carry to collect supplies? 

Think of it this way: 10 minutes of time for a member of staff earning £20,000 per annum costs your business £1.70 per day - 5 days a week, 48 weeks of the year. Look at the picture in an office of 20 employees then the cost scales-up to £8,160! That's on labour alone - not counting wasted electricity and consumables! 

Staff retention, because of coffee? Yup, absolutely. We have customers who specifically show job applicants the coffee facilities in their building. It's a perk. How much did you pay for a coffee last time you bought on the high-street? More than £2.00? Probably. That cup of coffee cost less than 10p, less than 20p if you count the cup and lid. A high street quality coffee 5 steps from your desk? How brilliant is that? 

And we can cover your CSR, too! Check our our ETHYCO range of ingredients that support Fairtrade and the Third Sector (Social Enterprise). 

Don't forget that we're also ISO:9001 accredited! 

Remember I said I wasn't giving you the answers, that you had them? Well here's the thing: We do have the answers! Our range of machines and products suits any size of office and we're delighted to speak to you, or your facilities manager, about the possibilities! We don't pressure you, we don't tell you what you need to hear, we certainly don't specify something that you don't need! Have a chat with us today and see how we can transform your office, and your profitability, with delicious FRESH coffee! 

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